New Items and Concepts

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Zagłoba 6 years ago 2

New Items

- Black Skull

- Dark Cape

- Torn Cape(s)

Item Animations (Triggers upon Death)

Angel Wings: Soul turns white and ascends to Heaven, disappearing.

Crusade Helmet: Faint white mist ascends to Heaven, disappearing.

Demon Wings: Body is sucked into a dark vortex, disappearing.

Feel at liberty to speak your thoughts and similar ideas.

It's pretty ironic on how the Crusade Helmet death animation is the player ascending to Heaven, as the Crusades was a complete failure and by all means hypocritical on the old Church.

Tho gud ideas and death animations would be cool.

+1, but with the new update there is no sense in making more cape colours. My idea is to add mage hat and book death animations - body starts to shine with blue light (like the magic wand's blast) and dilapidates into shining dust.

Special animation would require only one magic item to appear.