Wilds Sandbox Mode

Sir Brutal 6 years ago updated by Phroenix BR 6 years ago 3

Add a sandbox mode where players can build their own forts, like in wanderers.io, including: walls, doors, towers, ramps, and traps. 


Another idea is to make wilds an Open World game, with a much larger map. where tribes could expand and claim territory, similar to the clan map, but in reality. Tribes have somewhat fallen by the way side, and this would make them a much more important dynamic in the game. 



Another direction is to basically combine wilds and wanderers.io, were instead of having a group of minions you simply have one minion, but can do everything you can in both games, including pvp. planting, farming, building, etc.


What do you guys think :) 



No, in my opinion this is too much for the game, even more combining Wilds.io and Wanderers.io,
that would not be cool, I like the way the current wilds are.