NEW WEAPON ! Dagger !!!

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It is the weakest weapon in the game, but the fastest weapon, is weaker and faster than the Claws, has a special attack different from all weapons.

1. Damage: 1 (the same damage of ice staff shoot);

2. Attack Speed: 0.2 (the fastest, the claws has 0.25);

3. Charge Speed: 0.6 (the same of all meele weapons);

4. Stamina Use per Charge: 0.5 (the same of all meele weapons);

5. Range: 30 (the same of claws's range).

Special Attack

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The special attack of the Dagger consists of only rotating the weapon, equal to the special attack of the sword, but with some changes:

1. Rotation: 360º 3x (the sword has 4x 360º);

2. Duration: 0,75 Seconds (the sword has 1 second special duration);

3. Damage: 0,5 per each 180, but the player has two daggers, 360º : 2 = 180º (the Sword does 2 damage for each Special Attack);

4. Total Damage: 3 (the sword does 2);

5. Range of Special Attack: Short, less than Sword's special attack's range.

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When the dagger is thrown, work equal a throwing knife.

They are two daggers, each dagger will have 1.5 damage, adding 3 damage in total, the player will throw two daggers at once with a small space, one dagger can hit the target and another miss.

Also, I had thought of another special idea that did not come into my head the day I made this post:

Deep Cut:

The special attack is a normal attack in disguise: it deals 1 damage, and every second, the player bleeds, losing 0.5 life for two seconds, 0,5 x 2 = 1 life point
Total Damage: 2.0
Bleeding can be avoided by using potion of life or stamina.


Oh, i liked it.