Its been a while...:SEGC

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Its been a long time since i last posted and this game has come through so much, and i even got to see my ideas come to light in wanderers[my castle seige post]. 

MAIN SUBJECT                                                                                                                           So... I bet your wondering what SEGC means right? it Stands for Stratigic Enviorment Guild Combat

Now let me break it down for you. Remember when they added the world map for guilds? I want a world map in a political sector map style where each guild can Raid a sector and attempt to conquer it. each sector will have a different topography [I.E desert,field,forest,urban,winter,ect.] and each sector has its own map. the goal for the attackers is to capture importent spots on the map like forts or a barraks or to eleminate all defenders. the defenders and attakers have 250 respawns and if all are depleted that side losses


A guild reform would be nice, like for this mode you could add a guild uniform designer where you could pick a type of armor [plate chain cloth] and color it with a in game design engine and maybe add an emblem to armor. And mabe add i wanderers like building element where you could pre-fortify sectors and attackers could destroy.

I will be posting one a week now tha im back see you later!


This idea has everything to be good enough to be added however, this would leave the game much
heavier / lagged and would also take a maximum of 3 months to be complete or more.

This is a very good idea. A long time to complete though....

it would be a work in progress, start with guild stuff the map then game mode

now i know what this game was missing, thank you +1