Fire Balls

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Cake Wolf .. 6 years ago 7

Basically a "new weapon", but not specifically a weapon ...
Your hands would drop fireballs and I have two models for this:
Can be used with another weapon: you have your sledgehammer or your sword, and when you want to drop a fireball, press a key, but that would require a lot of energy.
Used as a single weapon: it may be a glove that releases fireballs and causes more damage than the hands.
Actually I prefer this as a secondary power ...
Say for yourself:

Image 3062

i don't get it

a new weapon

There was a "Fire Staff" plan, but seemed to be cancelled due to its difficulty of balancing.
In my opinion, this "Fire-throwing Fist"

It was also bugged...

So, is this a spell...?


Basically, but it could be used as a primary or a secondary weapon....that uses stamina?