Small Bow Rant / Minor Idea

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Note: If you guys got some notification here, I'm sorry, I accidently posted it with nothing but the title.

Anyways, because this is a touchy subject (bow), don't auto dislike, Please. Also, I put this in ideas because there's no 'opinions' post, and a minor idea in the end, so excuse me doing 2 ideas in a week. I was inactive for months. :v

On to the topic. There was a nerf to the bow, with a small buff afterwards. It stopped some people from playing bow, but it's still a mediocre nerf compared to the others. It did nothing to me whenever I play wilds, sure, but I do see an obvious change to the weapon, whether negative or positive. Even though I did not play this game much in 2018, I'm pretty sure that some bow users would still use the infamous arrow spam technique for some arena maps and fort areas.

Like, the arrow spam itself is why it's hated among the community, right? How it's ranged + effective? It's not like staff where you need quite a bit of stamina to do some decent attacks. This bow releases good damage at a fast rate while needing less stamina overall.

In all honesty, I think this was a well deserved nerf to the bow, but I still think that it needs a little more something, something to make it acceptable, balanced, and/or enjoyable.

vv My own idea of a nerf: vv

That's where my lowkey strange idea comes in.

Without bothering anything about the bow's speed, arrows, and stamina, and to nearly cease the running and spamming tactic of some people, I thought of how you have another cooldown after you release the arrow.

After the 0.65 or around second charge finishes and you release an arrow, you receive a charging cooldown of like 0.5-1.5-ish seconds. This will end the arrow spam overall and forces you to do another move. You can skip the cooldown by doing something during the charge, like a roll, but once it's there, you can't shoot (Except for the special). This is probably an insane nerf, but then again, arrows were strong before a year ago, so like a minor damage buff in return for the cooldown buff, eh. :l

Also if you "truly" want to end bow runners, there could be a slowdown during or after the arrow is prepared/released, including the special, but very minor, .3 seconds of slowness after the shot, and "backwards walking speed" on either charge/release. Not that great of an idea in my opinion, so let's move on.

So yea. This is my mini rant and idea.

You can prepare the dislike button now, I'll get disappointed but I'll understand. Thanks if you read this far then have a nice day or something. Also my idea should/shouldn't remove the current nerf, so like yea.