Bow is unplayable now.

Dziewczynka 6 years ago updated by Storm Crow 6 years ago 4

The bow is pretty much dead now, needs to be fixed immediately, cause it's a range class weapon and you need to keep distance to make use of it. Running uses energy, and so does bow - which pretty much makes you stand in place most of the time. Now it's using TOO MUCH energy which makes archer an easy target for everything. You can't shoot and run in the same time, cause you'll get exhausted in a sec. Why did you change something that worked so well? WTF? What do you want the bow to be? Melee weapon? The whole point of this is being MOBILE and RANGED.

In right hands,pretty much,but if not,its no big deal.Bow is scrwed now so you can screw up regardless.

Bow WAS op. Now it's useless due to stamina costs. And it's slower.


The problem is, the MOBILE and RANGED part is too op. Almost all melee users agree that the old bow was unbalanced, especially since you could use it and run with ease; in other words, you need very little skill to use the bow, which is very frustrating to most melee users. He changed it because it was working too well. I'm not saying that this nerf was perfect, but you have to see why the bow isn't being changed back.