The Goblin Thief !

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The Goblin Thief

Information about he:

The thief goblin looks similar, with the normal goblin just that with a slightly darker shade of green and he walks with a small knife.
When the thief goblin hits you he steals one of your items, however, his damage is very weak 0.5 / 8.

Killing the Goblin Thief:

The thief Goblin, when defeated, drops items that are stolen and some orbs of life and stamina, or no item if it has not hit you. The thief goblin will not drop items from other players.
The thief goblin will be twice as rare as the normal goblin.

My goal is to get players to pay close attention and pay attention to their enemies who are coming to meet it. As a result, if you get distracted, you'll get your items stolen by the little goblin thief, but you'll get a chance to get them if you're after him, do not let the players steal your items, and use your items wisely that you can achieved by reaching the generator of items, or killing enemies.

Not a good idea. Since some people have OCD trouble, having a bit of their HP taken off could trigger them. Then, there are people who get 0.5 of their health taken off, and use it as an excuse to stop the 1v1 in the last second of their fight when they know they will lose, but just to, you know, get a chance to bail. Also, this will give more importance to keeping your items, which in the first place are cheap, making them more used. We already have more runners because that idiot Rezoner decided to put ads every 3 times you die or so, so we don't need runners rope-bombing us too. Think about your idea before posting it.

Remember that this is the best player of Wilds speaking. Don't try ignoring or starting an argument with me.

Ya think hp loss would trigger ppl,that doesn't make sense since you're fighting anyway,unless you're oversensitive about it which is none my concerns.And this can also raise awareness of perserving items.And runners aren't that tough to tackle since you have adblocker available to add + ranged weapons make it easier a bit,mybe u have trouble with it and complain,which if you think about it,is ridiculous since runner is insecure about skills so you have edge in this situation + more experienced players don't have trouble with it.Why ppl have racket about rope bombers and shit,just keep distance man.You're just a bit oversensitive about it and there's many ways of tackling with those mofos these days.I know this idea could be great for raising awareness of item perserving and such,but it could be buffed since it's to easy to kill goblins,it's just a matter of time for this idea to be taken good.No hate or anger,man,Im just saying so just chill out and get over it.Everyone's idea,vision and attitude matters here.


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if anyone has not understood this idea, it's about another kind of goblin (those quick green creatures of the wilds.io).


it should have more damage in my opinion

he has a knife .-.