Setting up animations in the menu

Phroenix BR 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 9

Setting up animations in the menu

My idea is that in the Options Menu you have an option to disable certain
animations inside the game, you will also have an option to disable the
animations in a custom way

Image 2947

Inside the Manually Configure Option The Menu might look like this:

Image 2948

Phroenix Killer

Note: This idea I made for those with bad internet.

This would be a great way to reduce lag. Having stuff like disabling the explosion for mines or disabling blood should definitely also be options. I'm not sure about disabling monster animations, but stuff like shadows and particles are good to have options for.

Yes, that's why I put that Note there. :P and I really was indecisive about disabling the
animations of monsters. So I ended up choosing to bounce. more if rezoner or egzekutor
prefer to remove this option
When I get home from school, I'll make another photo with more options.

disable all animations of the game including menu animations

                                      [warning] this option will disable all animations including the menu

sh*t sherlock


awesome idea. but what would the animations be replaced with?

The animations would be replaced by the same animations, but now they have no animation.
It's like a photo.
Or it could be like this: you remove the animation of the ogre, it will be unmotivated,
it will be like a GIF, when you walk the animation would run only in photo format and not
video, when attacking the same thing, Here it goes.