to make horses we can ride in the wilds

Cake Wolfs 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 5 years ago 19

No description?!Still cool idea.Make them purchasable forever and with 2 stamina bars and 10hp with twice the player normal sprint speed.Once your horse dies,it will respawn in minute or so.

Horses and top down games usually don't mix, I'm sad to say :/

It creates a lot of problems - how do you kill a horse that someone's riding while they're on it? Does jumping and rolling make you dismount? If so, what happens to the horse when you're not on it? 

It would be hard to make good mechanics for a horse in wilds, and it would be even more difficult to make good looking, eight-directional animations for a horse with a rider. While horses would be cool, I can't imagine how they would be implemented.


Well you could be able to damage player normall and make horse indestructible.

also the rolling of the characters does not kill the ogre so can not hit the horse rolling either

Tried it on my Lance fighting, nah mate

And make your thigng in the description, not the title!!!

;-; Not sure if this will be "possible", but would be cool to implement.

I was thinking that instead of horses, we could the old work-in-progress deer back then (How would riding deers be even possible ;v). Deers would be quite...uncanny to ride though...

It would be cool to have deer wandering around the map. It would make wilds feel more "wild", and we could make it so that killing deer dropped items or stamina orbs or something.

And then butcher it and cook it to regain half hp that hp usualy gives and so goes for stamina.


I agree, I have this idea

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