The Official and Unofficial Rules of the Forums (Compilation)

Ruby Rose 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

For a long, long time, almost half of the forum users (Including me), have not been following the rules that already been stated in past topics and in other 'agreements' made by other forum users. We already have topics that are bumped, which are not needed at this time anymore, and we don't really have...'stable' feedback.

So here's a list of all the official and unofficial rules of the forums:

  1. Keep the posts relevant to the game and to your topics - Rezoner
  2. Comments have to be constructive/helpful, constructive criticism - Rezoner/Egzekutor
  3. No memes - Rezoner 
  4. Use the voting system instead of comments like "yes", "good", "no", "ok", " : )" -Rezoner
  5. No troll accounts
  6. No bumping of any topic that is 1+ months older, unless you have a good reason to do so
  7. Please add a description of your topic (Don't add everything on the title header)

-_-, My damn peers pressed the 'enter key', so this topic was posted without any further information...Sorry about that.

Feel free to give constructive feedback or criticism

Please feel free to add any agreement or idea of a rule, so we could make this forum a slightly, better place.

Note: Some rules may be discarded or not listed due to most of the people not following them at all, such as "One idea per week", and "One idea per post".

Can we change the second part to number 6? I mean, people have different opinions...