Fill the Empty Places

OnderaZ 3 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 3 years ago 9

listen, I've always been bothered by the vast empty spaces on the map, like the lower right corner and the upper left corner. Then, to fill this up, the old stones of the first map could be added in moderate amount. This would also make life difficult for runners.

"This would also make life difficult for runners."


I mean, the fact that more obstacles means also that it will be harder to chase runners. So, it seems that is contradictory to your statement, oh the irony.

But seriously, who would want to chase runners around a crapton of stones? That would be even harder, unless you already know how to deal with them easily...

Speaking as a runner, I like to think I'm intelligent enough to go around a massive stone. 

That's pretty much with every single structure in the game.

i've always been bothered by people bumping old topics

ahah ha haha h..

wait.. ._.

Well, bottom right there are ogres

Top left I think there are ogres

And the other spots are useful for people who want to 1v1, giving them space.

Dude, believe in me, I know how to deal with runners.

Do you want to take 1x1? the Ruins is a mode of combat in teams, TEAMS. If you want to take a 1xroom1 enter the arena or the training room