Portal Potion

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My first idea is for this mechanic to be applied to a new staff, but since we already have enough weapons, I have turned it into an item.
It would be an item that would brew portals. Using the item for the first time next to a wall, it would create your portal, using it again after that it would teleport you to that portal (similar to a portal-gun). The radius of effect of the item would be limited; if you tried to use the item to stop teleporting too far, it would not work and would show the space where it can be used with a large purple mark on the ground.
Maybe we had to deal with the burden of having several players waiting for you on the portal, so maybe he could be invisible to others and visible to us. I thought it would be interesting that when you teleported to the portal you were thrown from the inside, with a fall animation (Maybe it could also take a little damage).
If you do not understand, I'm sorry, it's a rather difficult mechanic to write.
Correct me right below.

    this was the first idea
   and so would be the item

positioning went wrong, I hope you understand



 we dont need more ways for a runner to cause cancer.

"Add teleporters and shit into the game" - No...

"Add "controlled" portals" - God please no.

;_; Either you just executed the idea in a bad way...or that the sandpit and bottomless pits are basically portals to the respawn screen.

americans are confused

It's not that the Americans are confused, it's just that some of us (That includes me) thinks that the whole portal-teleport thing is redundant now...

I do not understand what his ability is ... to recover? Toxic?Teleport?

The ability of the potion is supposed to be a like, if you use this portal potion on something, you would create a portal, that would teleport you somewhere else in the map...

The ability or mechanics of this potion is basically a makeshift teleport/teleporter.

This is not fun……Was chased There's no time to use it.

okay, I just think that sending ideas now is the best thing to do, why can this reanimate rezoner and make him go back to working in the wilds