not important topic about the number nrxt to your nick in lobby

kanguror 3 years ago updated by Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker.. 3 years ago 5

if you go to the game lobby you will see a number next to players name

its your ID. if you are let's say 234894 it meas you registered as 234 894 person :D

i know this topic is not important and doesnt help the game in any way but i think its really fun to see thet you are one of the oldest players in the game. My ID is 3196. you can share your ID here.

(and we can also tell if ruby rose is a veteran XD)

hmm.  im not sure this is right, i saw some reallly old players have numbers in the thousends next to their name

i asked egzekutor info confirmed

I second that

I joined a little over last year, but my number is like 645 987



I am a veteran ;_;. I didn't really make an account once I first started in the beta days, as I thought I was just going to drop the game in a few days, but actually I got really into it, and I started bringing one the first "shopkeeper" roleplays, bumping into rocks in the middle of nowhere, and becoming one of the best in the seemingly empty desert.

Then I thought of making an account really late at around the time when the ruins had it's very first diverse map....

So, there you go. (I discovered wilds.io at Reddit and while browsing through the internet ._.)

I looked up .io and that was the first thing... Lmao, SO many things would be missed if that didn't happen