Solution to running

Utter Fool 3 years ago updated by Phroenix BR 3 years ago 6

Yeah, I know, this has been suggested roughly (calculating, please wait...) a gazillion times, but former approaches to the problem were very wrong about at least one thing.

Right now, running is an optimal strategy in the ruins for those who go for bones. There are several problems with running:

  • Running is not enjoyable.
  • Trying to chase a runner is very annoying.
  • The chase can last for pretty long.
  • The one that will get the bones of the runner is not decided based on skill. It is going to be the first newbie who happens to be around in just the right time and use the left click.

But why is running even a mildly good strategy? You say fight mechanics. You are wrong.

I mean, yes, of course, the runner has an advantage over the chaser when they actually decide to fight. Defending yourself is much easier than attacking someone. But imagine what sort of game Wilds.io would be if attacking was easier than defending. Remember the time when charged attack dealt 3 damage? It would be even worse than that.

But the key insight is: There are no runners in arena, browars or football. Obvious, in hindsight, but just draw the conclusions: the cause of running is not fight mechanics, or anything that is the same in football as in the ruins.

So here is my proposal. The changes are all ruins specific.

  • Reduce the availability of healing from "natural" sources. Reduce the amount of healing/stamina crates, or surround them by spikes. Close the healing potion shop, or surround it by spikes. Maybe bring back the abyss.
  • Increase the amount and the consistency of health orbs dropped from kills, in the spirit of rewarding those who fight well with extra time alive rather than those who are capable of smashing a crate.
  • Change the layout of the map. Now runners can easily run in huge circles around the whole map. They usually run around the fort or the cliffs in the lower right, among other routes. Block these routes with walls, or with those evil chewing iron door thingies. You can also block running paths with a wider sandworm pit that has multiple stairs so as to allow passage but be risky. Be creative.

Remember old ruins? With armies trying to fight their way through narrow corridors? There were no runners. Remember marketplace? With the huge everlasting carnage in the middle? No runners either. Only now that the map allows running in circles and that healing without fighting is so commonplace is running a thing.

We have had this fort map for way too long anyway.


i wanted to propose to bring back the old ruins map or make a new one

i really liked it :D

Tbh I liked the very first desert map ;-;

there are runners in arena and browars are you blind?

This is off topic, but the cliffs in the lower right are the loneliest place on the map. If the none team didn't spawn there, then it's truly a desert there.

Also +1 for best settling this controversy about trying  to "fix" running.