Kick is fixed/forum cleaning

Egzekutor 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 13

Yo, this will be short post but i want inform everyone, kick finally is fixed. No more ranged weapons abuse, and you can again without problems kick back all projectiles. 

Also another thing: some people who was make mess on forum was banned. I hope this can help this forum go back on good route and we can again enjoy our time here. Sadly some people didn’t learn anything, and they had long time for it. Remember i was always watching this forum, and let’s this be small lesson for everyone - making mess around is not best way for be famous. I like this place and really i want keep it as quiet and calm place, where we can read posts without spam/flame around and just have fun with helping each other. 

So i hope it’s good informations for you, because in last time things was not best. If everything will be good, soon i will share you more good informations. In this time go to wilds and kick some asses - because now kick is perfect for to do it ;)

Regards, Egzekutor

Wait, I wasn't banned?

For once, I'm not singled out, wow.

was i banned?

jk lol


Don't steal my roasts on myself.

naw mines diff

can we not argue over something pointless

It lacks the self-inferior, which is needed for humour

thanks for everything, egz

WOW, [Insert snide comment here] Well least it's finally over with, thank you egz, you're not a bad guy.    Now I can love our developer again.

One more thing which i forgot to mention - clash mechanic also is repaired.

What do you mean repaired?

Earlier there was no animation and sound for clash - now this work properly.