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._. What happened to Rezoner.net?

Ruby Rose 6 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 6 years ago 35

;-; Well it seems like Rezoner.net doesn't seem to direct anyone to Rezoner's "dev-log" of wanderers.io and such.

.-. Not sure it that domain works for anyone anymore, all it does is that it redirects you to some polish domain site called blokada/webd.p.

Pretty sure if there are some obvious reasons why it doesn't redirect us to the proper page...

Well, there goes our daily updates of wanderer.io, aside from Rezoner's twitter account.

;-; Go try it out. It may/may not work now.

12/6/17 - 4:40 pm (GMT +9) Tokyo, Japan

...Goddamnit I misspelled "wanderers.io" incorrectly on the 2nd line...

Under review

I haven't renewed hosting plan. It's fixed. Sorry for not being around but I want to release wanderers before xmas.

Walls created by Tytanowy is almost reworked :p Soon post about it on forum.

It's okay ;p. Also, nice Christmas gift for most of the community! ;p

Oh! Hello, Rezoner! Finally!

YAAAY SO WE CAN EXPECT IR BEFORE 2018 (thx for answering my post on somebody elses post ;/)

Wazzup Rez!

Yea, a little informal for the creator of Wilds.io

But you got a few 100 people wanting Wilds.io forums managed. No pressure, no pressure...


make seal and ukryty mods

Before catolic or orthodox?

Before Catholic Christmas, December 25.

Orthodox Christmas is usually near or at January 7, right?

Oh God...the fact that I listed this on "ideas"... Man I'm so tired...

Drink your coffee, and stop stealing my coffee from my dorm lmao.


Oh, you're Ruby's roomate?

That's really sweet! Amuku, or whatever it is, buy your own coffee. 

NameMeister needs his Doctors Degree from Harvard if he wants the Nobel Prize.


And you guessed correctly .-. I need my Doctors Degree.


LoL The only thing Rezoner responds to is talking about his site and his future failure of a game wanderers.io.  Yea I'm  about to call a quits on this game if the dev himself will not do a shit thing about the broken kick he left us with for months!  You know I understand that there may be bugs n shit in the game at all times and ideas that are trying to be shoved in Rez's face BUT COME ON ATLEAST TEST THE KICK BEFORE RELEASING IT!     Really . . . are you serious?!  You know I hope wanderer.io becomes a mass failure and you lose money for your mistake of not fixing the kick and causing the community to stop playing the game as much and just huddle up here!

Actually i am going to have an "I told you so" Party when it falls, like when mechar.io did.   Least the bots will like your game though, maybe you can put bots in the forums as well :D

it didnt work for me only 2 times so it needs to be fixed but dont panic ;_;


Yea,it's not that major as it may seem but it's still sometimes pain in the ass.I'd be great to fix it before xmas...(including me lmao)*couuugh cough couugh*

I'm still having hope for him .-.

How will bots in the forum work?

I doubt they'd be able to run, though Pate, honestly, don't know how much you'd know about that...

It's a joke and sarcasm about how no one is going to play the game

is wanderers.io out yet?

He said he wants to release it before Christmas ._.

it redirects me to the right page

He already answered this post .-. It works now.

That's good to hear.


its a xmas miracle

why spend time with your family and friends when u could spend it it with random people on the internet 

That's what I say too since I'm legitely not loved much by those two.That's why I rather hang out online than being with ones who don't appreciate me and only find flaws in me rather than my talents.I agree a lot.+1

.-. My reason being online most of the time is a more...darker approach, if you want to get into my backstory.

Finaly someone like me...

I smell another marriage, do you wish for a polagamy Seal?   

Don't ¬_¬...No one here is my "type"...and I don't have any "love" interests in anyone...

And for anyone that interprets that sentence wrong:

Wilds.io "marriage" - A metaphor used to describe two (or more ;-;) people that have the same type, opinions, views, etc...you get the idea..

Fuck no!Why the hell?!