More intelligent A.I

Fifi the Seals Overseer 3 months ago • updated by Seal 3 months ago 11

During this current version of Wilds.io the bot A.I sucks , well you (rezoner) can improve A.I for the bots a little bit , but  YOU NEED TO IMPROVE ARCHER AND MAGE BOTS. Mage and archer bots don't use their bow attack and just either roll at you or use the special attack which is lame and not really what deserves to stay in this game.

I'm pretty sure that there has been old posts similar to this about buffing the bot and/or its AI, but a +1.

Yea,they need upgrade from chicken AI.It's to easy,induce reflexes,decision span and so on.That would be actual challenge mybe.

I think the problem isn't that the ice mage/archer bots can't really attack you, its that bots need to know how to defend against archers and ice mages.

Yea,I agree,bots are unlike crackheads(some cpu or real players)more exceeding at mellee and suck at dodging and defending against range weapons.Fix that so boxing bags get upgrade.

Who is this guy, watch his fucking bio, I don't even know him!

Again,he's fifi,our comrade.Ukryty,fifi..fifi,Ukryty.

The last things we need in wilds.io is a more intelligent A.I. for bots. Otherwise, I fear that newcomers will rage-quit after several players and bots consistently wreck them. I think that the bots are fine as they are, not too challenging and not too easy. That way, newcomers will learn how to play this game. If they were too hard... it would be like hell mode all over again.

Well yea,new ppl in game will struggle in first moments so I guess there's no point.

Jeez, missing for three months and there's this babble of hell mode. What da heck is hell mode?

You're joking right?Hell mode was mode with shadows who naturaly kill humans to become one of them.But it's dead now.