Ban request: BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP

Fifi the Seals Overseer 1 year ago • updated by Seal 1 year ago 8

this annoying turk has been a bug of this forum , thou' he might not be part of wilds.io community he still deserves a ban , anyway I'm enough of his insanity in the forum .


First of all, how do you know he's a turk? Are you just saying that because you think it's an insult? 

Secondly, he's probably going to be banned next time rez checks in on the forums.

The fact that you stereotype the "average turk" based on the game...

And in actuality, he is part of the community .-.

Until it gets banned,if he doesnt stop.

didn't he just apologize?  and actually put effort in a reason why he trolls that took legit 2 pages probably?  Maybe he might stop as well if you stop giving him attention

Either that or he's blefing,I dunno.For now he's ok.

lmfao iam not a turk god damn it

Seal? Who is this guy, can you tell me? (I'm talking about guy who made this topic)

Thats fifi,our tribe member.Why?