Post-Apocalyptic Forum

Ruby Rose 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 4

...Welp, this forum and the game have definitely gone post-apocalyptic 

(You guys already saw the shit thats happening)

This forum is full of shitposts and spams (And this game), and we can't do shit about it because:

1. Rez is busy (Half of us respect that, half of us don't)

2. We have nonsensical debates.

3. We are pressuring Rez (Can't confirm this cuz #1)

4. MOST of us are pissed about the new changes (Look at #2), and impatient for new shit.


6. The rise of the tryhard memers and spammers are back.

7. Us...

8. Exploits...nah most of us are cool with that.

9. Social hierarchy (Y'all know what I mean ;v)

10. AND THE FACT THA- You know what, nevermind, this forum is in hell (not much of the game ;v)

All we can do is wait (Almost none of us can) until Rez has time...

P.S. No one really cares about opinions lmao.

Well social like discord is not dead, also on forum is enough activity, but one problem is not enough moderation. Some people know it, and they started shitposting because they feel, no one can stop them. But i want bring back more life not only on discord. 

Also i want clean this shit on forum what will be not easy, but still it is possibile. 

As you probably know Rezoner is working with new game in wilds universe and he don’t have time or power for working at two games (or more) in one time, but i hope i can help him with this stuff, so he can still work on game without thinking about shit on forum etc. 

all my discords are dead

vgl is not now :3

That's true. Though, if Rezoner looks at the "forum war" long enough, imagine the headache.