No new posts :v

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 3 years ago 16

Are people out of ideas/ bug reports or has everyone left?

show yourselves guys, I want to know who is still here



I was kind of in a LOL playing zone 

but whatever 

Eh, it looks like people are running out of ideas.

And yes, I am still here and "loyal" to the game and the forums.

(Don't ask me why I registered really late ;-;')

OK, I didn't wanted to say it, but 2 weeks ago I counted how much users are still contributing here. Statistics are crap: 20-30 users. And don't ask me for ideas because you know that I'm not a idea machine, but almost all of them has more upvotes than downvotes.

lol celebrimbor now i know what your name means XD

instant -2 points without any explanation. nice

Lmao, you got raided. Not sure who ;v


I love the SoM series

I like them too, love is a big word for me since Monolith took a huge shit on Tolkien lore, especially in the Shadow of War

besides that the lootboxes have angered me

PLUS my personal opinion is that they made the game too much about stats, buffs, traits and so on. I liked it simple as in Shadow of Mordor

Really guys explain yourself while up or down voting

Two things I am having a problems with: both running and charging up for a powerful attack it will usually kick when i try to run and I can power attack fully unless I am standing still. I also never received my purchase

Why anyone gave it thumbs down?????

Stating the obvious is not helping in any way, please keep the posts relevant and meaningful to help the game improve.