What do you wait from Little folks fighting?

Maldar 6 years ago updated by Egzekutor 6 years ago 9

I think it will be successful project.


agreed. I didnt get your point at all


Do you mean those posts from Rezoner's twitch? About his progress with little army men?

Yep, this is the only thing this post is referring to.

Maybe let them don't come when someone has 1 hp and his enemy is close to kill this guy and then goblin comes.

gimme a link please, anybody?

Doesn't matter, found it

it looks cool actually, very cute and promising

I think this is a separate game from wilds, and maybe shouldnt e discussed here

well idk, do what you want

Exacly. It’s like a sequel of wilds but this game is little different. Instead of controlling one hero, you can controll small tribe of barbarians.