Exploiters with Broken Kick

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Mild Mannered Pate 6 years ago 1

I really hope Rezoner notices this because as of right now, kick absolutely broken. When you try to kick a arrow away, it hits you instead, which makes no sense, even when you time it correctly. Even before the update, kick was also broken. If you rolled right after some had kicked, you would be kick instead and it would look like your opponent's animation is done. Kick needs to be fixed.

     Another thing that seems to be making the game more toxic is that people are complaining about the Bow being just too good. Add that up with broken kick and it makes people feel like they are trying to fight a machine gun in wilds.io. 

Personally, the only reason why Bow is overpowered is because of the kick. Bow is ok even if the the kick does get fixed.

Now lets get to why I said Exploiters. To simply put it, people are using bow to rank up in arena, which infuriates me because they are exploiting a game flaw and benefiting off of it. The definition of Exploit is: to "use a (situation of person) in an unfair or selfish way". The situation is that kick is broken and that they are benefiting off of it. Now I am not trying to get anyone in hot water but I am merely addressing Rezoner and the player base that this is a form of exploit and should be patched as soon as possible, for it is infuriating.