Ad teleporters plz that would be quite dank... sipp out

I sucked shreks cock 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 13

Its time to staph!

Teleporters in a "fantasy/medieval like" game...nah.

No not that again,Jesus fcking Christ,we ve seen that multiple times by now.

shut ur pie hole seal 

None your bussiness.

the one thing i agree with succboi here

please, PLEASE explain why do you hate Seals!

because kids must hate Seals, oh wait, so Jashin is kid?! Now everything got explained ;-;

I fucking hate hoes like you.

Again,dont bother responding to ppl like those cuz they won t change.It will save your nerves and space.

This person is a troll, but at least this troll has the decency to have an actual idea... i guess... nah i cant look on the bright side anymore.

You cant look at bright side of this at all,youl go blind.