The discord has gone to shit. The Userecho has gone to shit. The game has gone to shit.

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This is what happens when a useful moderation system is not in place and the lead developer doesn't have the time/energy/does not care enough to nurture his game and community. 

Don't mean to play the "I told you so" card, but I did see this coming for a long time now, just about a year ago I realized where this game was going. Remember that whole episode, what a ride. Anyone who was there at the time could tell you.

And yes this is under bug because everything's broken, haha.


A year ago the bow was released ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


errr, no??? It's about to be 7-8 months in this game.


Close nuff, but thank you for your constructive criticism.   But that's not really the point I was getting at was it? -1 for nitpicking like a skrub.

honestly i agree
everythings gone to hell


The userecho has gone to shit, but only because dumbass people aren't posting good ideas, and there is no moderation. We need to get back to that stage where we post good ideas, and support the ones that are good. Bumping crap posts to the top by saying how shit they are doesn't help.

Rezoner hasn't been reading the posts , maybe it's because Rezoner is busy making his new game :3


if theres gonna be moderators, there has to be more than just egzekutor

Maybe let's do elections for TWO new moderators, and candidates are everyone (except Rezoner) who is in top 10 of average points? (I know I'll don't get any vote, it's just impossible for me to become new moderator, but... why not to try? XD)

thats our options
egzekutor is one mod
who knows who could be the other

selpishuite XDDDDDDD

I think savage doge would be the 2nd moderator.


Yup, especially the community. 

We got Turkish social hierarchy in the EU server, thinking they are better than anyone else that are not Turk (No racism intended)

We got salty ass hypocrites...

We got have ignorant fuckers like ThereAreSomeWhoCallMe....

We have cheaters, exploiters, you name them specifically in this category.

We have of course subtle racism among this community (I know you know what I mean -,-)

We have a shitton of severe favoritism.

We have "noob" callers and shit complainers. (Before y'all go shit on me for this, if you call any of us a "noob", we have the right to say it to you, there hypocrisy solved.

We seriously need moderators to keep this game and the community from going haywire.

We need a "final agreement" so we can stop complaining on the SAME ASS TOPIC multiple times without shit from going on side to another.

...Of course Rez is busy and most of us respect his schedule and he can't solve every single problem overnight, but aren't we causing the problems? (Yes, Rez does make mistakes here and there.)



We Got Those Who Complain About Their Life Like Ruby Rose


Get the fuck out of our forums -,-


And Iam Here To Save Da Game! Hurray For SheePy !!!


Hurray for fucking up the forums and causing it to go post-apocalyptic.

TBH, if something can go wrong, IT WILL go wrong.  Sheepy is just showing us how easy it is to troll the system And that's why we should love him

Pretty much lmao.

Maybe rezoner is busy with his new game

Yep, we have to take that into consideration.

In this forum there are too much kids.

too many kids like seal

You keep word fighting with him, but where's reason?

wheres reason? are you completely blind?
i found another kid

Even if I don't know the reason, this doesn't mean I'm kid, you retarded manchild.

Ukryty,try to ignore him as much as you can,he is not worth your nerves.You should probably settle that conflict with a fight in game.

There's no reason anymore to ignore him, he left this forum.

im a kid too, but i dont see the problem of my/our age since you cant even tell it without me saying it to you

Im not salty, toxic or anything else whatsoever

by kid, i dont mean all kids

Again,"life is too short to spend talking with salty or toxic ppl we don t even know in real life."

who the hell said that? sounds retarded

So do you when being salty and toxic,wasting your time and being unsustainable of your  stupid actions so it results to even deeper conflict which makes you blind and harder to overcome from the start,making it rly annoying and us to respond back the same manner.Just knock it off.You are doing no good by that,and not to say,bad reputation which i noticed ages ago that you dont care acording to your behaviour.Well no use of  forcing and reasuring the dude who wont listen and stop being a dick and forcefully thinking that we are all wrong about this state while he is better than us and never bothers solving argue civilized way.Well noone can make you snap out of it except yourself.Again,its lost cause.

two words: fuck you


The discord has definitely gone to shit. I can 100% agree on that: the wilds.io server has no people talking in it, and the training camp has turned into an inactive hell. The userecho is going to shit, because more 10 year old kids are entering and giving out shit topics, and others are raiding topics. The wiki has almost gone to shit, as multiple people that used to contribute to it have stopped contributing. The wiki was meant to help other players, too, but new players don't even bother to check because they don't know it's there. But the game itself... I wouldn't say it's going to shit, it's just that it's community is going to shit.

BTW, I'm not one of those kids. I am beyond the kid age-range.

It's still fucking actual, awaiting troller with photos from fucking pornhub.