Only fists

God Player 3 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 3 years ago 5

I would like to have in the store the fists without more. 

That is to say that whenever you want you can equip them and thus the weapon would not reappear again. You'll say it's silly. 

But to train and have fun would be very good. It is more than the fists as it was found free.

Its special would be like a grab that is to say: short range to catch the rival i xocarlo against the ground. It would give rival 1 damage. 

The fists would be exactly the same as when the gun is thrown only that the weapon does not appear and that they would have a special single.

Thx for attention

well it would be cool, but maybe not bare fists, but some metal knuckles? they could have same attack speed, damage a little higher and the special you mentione

oh ohh ohhh and for charge attack there would be an uppercut that knoks people over and stuns them


Better solution: This would be a gamemode where you have no weapon except your body and shield (and dash), so you have no special, players would fight in same maps as in arena and browars, and it gives arena points to winner too. Gamemode would be called "Only fists". Also, if first option is not good, how about a gamemode like fort (but without fort, please) and nobody has weapons (bye bye trees) so they have only fists, shields, legs (to run and kick, but shoe stuck in ogre's ass is worst thing you can ever do) and (t)roll. Gamemode name? I'm hell bad at names for gamemodes, so let's say the name would be Only Fists.

Ps. Always, when I was writing "fists", my finger was immediately going to "r" letter to make "firsts".. is it a kind of secret message from my body? rofl

Uh...Imma stay neutral about this lol, though, it opened up some innovations...