Attack equipment

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 2 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 5

Basically when you die you have the option of putting on a class of clothes. I do not mean new clothes like handbags ...
I mean in the menu of store you could equip yourself for example: character 1: Arc helmet of sparta i red cape. Character 2: Skull sword and angel wings i character 3 the last one: Hammer cube helmet and red cape. 

You could choose your own equipment and when you die you could select the equipment you want. This would only work in fort i in zombies since if in sand or soccer you change weapons it would be very complicated to win.

Only opened 3 slots but eye each slot would be worth 500 gold ie the first free and the other two 500 each.

This would be fine to change your appearance for different moments. For example: Anger calaver ... happy other clothes ... but they can choose what they want as if they have the same clothes in the three holes.

Thank you for your attention I hope you like this idea and if it can be put into wilds.io.

Seems legit just 1 thing;"Attack(on titan)equipment"but it's ok.

not sure if i understood what youve meant

did you mean that you can create your set of clothes and weapon and save it in a slot so you can equip it instantly?

in this case +1

Yea,exactly.I mean,have some pieces of clothes and dye them,same for weapons.And yea +1


I kind of like the game how it is right now