Seal In LOVE

ThereAreSomeWhoCallMe . 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 39

Awww :3 seal found his 

[Image 2635]


Bro stop posting un-needed crap onto the forums. -1

everybody downvote his posts so he gets -50 stars and ban

Why the f*ck,man?Why?


imma troll again then

You don't know when to stop,do you?!

you dont know when to stop either, hypocrite

Oh I did,and even if I "didn't",I'm at least not making ridiculous topics like this dude.Well nvmd,I'm just to tired,my infected bladder and kidney are not worth this.


Its not Ukryty guys!11one!!

Cute :3 but ,,OFF THE TOPIC''

stop getting into people's inner lives

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also stop stalking seals u pervert 

the white one is a baby XDDDDDDDD


I'm gonna kill this son of a bitch, if I even manage to get rid of kidney infection somehow soon,that'd be great!

I only agree because the seals are incapable of being bow users. +1

hey hey hey, let you know about one thing here - I'm not a bow user, so STFU.

Then you're which weapon user?Hammer?Or sword?

Also,do you want to kick this dude in teeth with one of your ninja skills?

Umm, spear? How did you forgot about which weapon I'm using? rofl

Loooop 13 downvotes xD

Just ninja kick his face and end it fast.

ok! *ninja kick* owwww trollers have this much HP?!?!

Rly?I didn't expect this.Let me try shooting him with blazing arrow.

Couple seconds later..

*arrow gets blown up with no damage leaving mushroom cloud in air and sheep untouched*

*cough cough*Damn it! I knew I should have used hydrogen bombs!

Wait a moment, Seal *comes back with atomic bomb* *throws this into sheepy* Holy sh*t this sheep survived?!

Let's summon an army of arab terrorists. Allah akbar everyone!!

No god please no!!We had enough of it.

Too late. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Where are my explosive arrows?!

thanks for stopping the useless comments

love you seal, youre the best!!11!one! :)

Why you stalk me and track me?!Don't bother trying.