Bilbo is a way too op!

ThereAreSomeWhoCallMe . 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 15

once a bilbo came and bumped everything in game! he had a cellhphone with him in wilds.io ! :O 

he killed me by standing and saying *BUMPY BUMPY!*

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What an actual f#ck?

What the fuck is this shitpost... -1

downvote guys , we dont need such shit stuff here on userecho



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Rudeness Is Only Punishable By a DOWNVOTE!


You are punishable by roasting your ribs n' ass on open fire.

Rudeness Is Only Punishable By a DOWNVOTE!


I guess you're right,but what you've done,nothing can punish you enough.

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Yeah, I always thought your profile pic is showing Darth Vader with lava in brain, mouth and eyes. I would never know it's a monkey without sheepy's help.