Unranked Arena

Mild Mannered Pate 7 years ago updated by High Voltage 7 years ago 4

Simple, you want to fight someone?   Just click it and have fun without worry, people are too lazy to put in a matchmaking name and practice.


Really? I never knew people are too lazy to talk in game and go on practice mode or something. And besides, there's discord to hold 1v1 fights, and a lonely top right/bottom right corner (or other corners) in fort for fighting.

I don't think that it'll be very useful, but I don't have anything against it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

***Simple, you want to fight someone? Just click "fort gamemode" and fight people there, we have many secluded spots! Matchmaking doesn't do crap about this anyway! Practice only gives you bots and wastes your time, so don't do it! ;P

people are too weak to fight one another not just lazy