Black Team Taking down the flag in fort mode

Mild Mannered Pate 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 9

Because why ♡♡♡♡ing not?  And making the gates open to everyone until recaptured again.

As someone who plays as a "black team," (black armor means not in a team) I can say that the main reason I click non after I die is so I can cheat into the fort and chill in there without being the enemy or having to bother defending the team, maybe even ping pong with the fort's team. Also it kinda ruins the point of trying to take over the fort :/

I don't think that this is not needed for the fort gamemode. The point of being in the black (None) "team" is to be solo. Adding this in wouldn't make sense, as the gray and brown teams are teams, whilst black (None) isn't, and the fact that the fort is for teams only (Unless you wanna make teams with other black team players lol)

fort mode is still being fixed?

How about we actually try to make people really try to capture the fort?

Lets say that you are rewarded with money for capturing the fort.

Yea,some reward should be added.Maybe 100,200.

thats a bit too much, people would spam it, i'll do 50 at best

yeah, black tem being able to capture it would be cool, maybe when they do it the gate is closed for absolutely everyone so they have to fight their way in?

Oh that'd be so lit,man.We need to make it happen.