Clash Mecanics

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 6 months ago • updated by Etheric Form 6 months ago 3

Please, they could fix this. 

People on request many times to fix clash mechanics because when they collide the weapons they do not feel any noise nor are there sparks. They simply pull back.

Instead with the kick is the opposite is as if the legs melt iron. 

Because the crash sounds and sparks come out.

I think it should be changed to make the weapons make noise and legs that they did not.

Please, this idea will be requested many times if you, THE COMMUNITY. Do not give like this idea so that it is going to be totally useless to put it. If you want it to be no more this failure will den like to make the idea look.

Thank you for reading.

I just want the "clash" effects back. +1


More time and space on unnecessary things? Sorry but no.   -1