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first of when I kill myself sometimes the game says revenge ....

idk know if this is mad deep or a joke 

are u saying that i already killed myself?

God, just realized it meant that (if it was intentional)

no description, and what's the point in this post?




heres the description


-1 As you can just post a bug on the forums one by one ;-:

that bump tho

No no..not "bump" ..

It ain't a bump if I didn't write a whole essay on this ;V

I know that,just don't say bump when you do it since it's obvious to everyone that someone bumped.

Let's talk about bugz! The end.

Where's description? And one bug I discovered by myself, when I kill someone with mine and I'm in mine range too, after it's explosion when my enemy and me die, it says DOUBLE KILL.

yes, sometimes the kill counter forgets that suicide doesnt count as a kill

this happened to me too, although you have to be the one who killed yourself. It wont say REVENGE or DOUBLE KILL if you jump on spikes/worm/in the guillotine