No loss of daily arena points

Sheepie 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

Alright, for the past few weeks I have been checking arena points.  It turns out that alot of people dont lose arena points to daily 2% loss.(I know it says 1% loss but ive done the math and people are losing 2% of their scores daily).  It seems to be bugged,  people like Ryhme, HdPvP, Rezak, Skilnox, ritsard, and AxeGoat have always had their points stay the same.  These are only a few players I noticed but im sure there are more.  Im not saying that they are cheating,  I think the ranks are bugged.  (I know they are not doing one fight a day to keep their ranks up because at all of their ranks they dont lose 10 points daily.)   I have not seen any of the players in pvp for months yet their scores stay the same.  It would be nice if you could take a look at the scores to see if you can fix the problem.

I have also noticed "Forest Gump" not losing points

i thought you were axegoat...
anyway, rhyme is definitely cheating, it's been reported

Yes, but the rankings are bugged...

can you explain me how does he cheat? bcse if i know good there are no hax to wilds

he fights with his own bots or something like that

What a waste.No srsly,how is this not settled yet by now?

what do you mean?

It was reported long ago,and its still not solved.

this is still an issue.