Replace equipment

Massive Slayers 3 years ago updated by Shizuko 3 years ago 18

The idea is a mini-menu inside the game where you would have a button, after you click the button there would appear a window in the middle of the game for you to change your equipment. (You could also have a protection on how much you are using the feature.)


it should be when u die

like think every one changing their class with protection all the time

If this happens then u should auto die 

I meant, while you are using the Menu you would have a protection, after closing the menu the protection would be disabled. It could also take some time to change your equipment inside the menu.



Im king and if I hit anything I will die and there is 8 people running after me 

what do I do "change my gear" for protection and wait till everyone leaves the area 


You should be able to change weapon when you are dead, because you would be king and stay on gear menu to make people not get bones, this is just destroying balance of the game.

So, no protection whatsoever?


yeah, that could be easily exploited

Right. Lets make fighting a lot more annoying with an icon blocking your screen.

OK, got it. You have the small square computer screen. Okay, I understood perfectly.

Or it could be a key you press to bring it up :

this would be better enabled if it appears in the respawn menu, in addition, wanting to change your helmets or covers inside the game is already asking too much. I already made a post like this