Tribe Member List !!! ( please read )

Hooded Black 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2


If you ever tried to check how many players your Tribe has , Then compare that number to the ones actually in the Members List , You'd sometimes notice that the Members List actually SHOWS LESS

A member of mine was bored and decided to count how many members we have on the Members List for entertainment purposes , He counted 140 , He re-counted that using a calculator , 4 Columns multiplied by number of rows , Then ,

He checked "Find Tribe" to know how many are actually there , There was over 182 . He told me about it , And I replied "Well, that doesn't make any sense" , Well , it actually doesn't make any sense . I tried to count as he did and the results were the same ...

140 in the "Members List" and 182 in "Find Tribe" . Please fix .


MEMBER SELECTION / KICK   ( can only be noticed by Tribe Leaders / Owners )

Image 2597

IF you are a Tribe Leader , Please do go to your "Members List" 

At the first row (top) , just click one of whoever you see , Then , scroll down

After that , choose another member , You'll notice that the "Kick" button will not be in the right place .

This makes it difficult for me to KICK members , I've gone around this problem by using the "Filter" instead then choosing which to kick , but some members are nameless , in other words , They are "unnamed(*insert number*)" .Which is why I have decided to Post this now .

I think Rezoner somehow messed up with the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) or something .

The Kick Button seem to behave at a fixed position . I suggest making it's position "relative" , maybe that'll help , I don't know ...

Respectfully Yours ,

Hooded Black .

dev's making maths into the game now

(not really)