Tribe map idea

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 11

That's not what you think it is - I mean here tribes have their own maps and they can upgrade it like adding fort, goblins, ogres etc. - to upgrade them, members of tribe just donate gold they want to add to it and when amount of gold given by members will rise to enough level, leader can press it to make it spawn on map. Mountains, trees, forts, boxes,(no treasure chests - players would farm gold on it so maps would be empty.), walls, just everything what is in this game except those treasure chests and wood (players would make quest of repairing gate without dying). What do you think about it?

PS. Happy birthday to me..

It sounds cool but really hard to implement

I know it's hard, but it's always possible and fun - you can make meetings inside this map without taking any risk about someone will listen and share it to rest of people - why not to train your skills here either?

Seems legit.So does your birthday.

i ne'd way too hard

so by this idea you mean like creating your own server and making it public?

great idea, though it has some issues

first, in order for people to get on yer server there must be a host device. If its your own PC not many people can join, since it has to be very powerful. However if you want rezoner to hold your map on one of his servers there would be hundreds of people who would want that too, despite the (possibly) high price

also a problem would be the uniqueness of the maps. Since they would be made out of same sample textures and place-ables there would be no great difference between servers

and i know that powerful PCs can host a server with 10+ people easily, but not everyone got a powerful PC (*cough* Seals *cough*) and 10 people isnt that much

oh yeah and happy birthday buddy, didnt notice until yet

how old are you?

Nobody will know, BTW, I lied at you, Seal, I'm older than I said my age (much older)

And I mean that servers would be private for each tribe so all tribes have their own maps which can enter only tribe members. So it would be on Rezoner servers but private, like party what can be always entered if you are in certain tribe. And I don't know what's wrong with Seals since I have very powerful PC with GTX 1060 and other gaming stuff (Logitech G402 mouse) so all games are going for me on 60+ FPS with best possible settings. But my internet is kind of slow (Thank god servers don't kick me from Rainbow Six Siege matches)