Lag, tribe issue.

Disguised 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 0

Apart from accidentally leaving my tribe and sending a private message on userecho, then getting no reply and all of my leadership rights are gone without knowing what kind of noob with 0 bones became the leader I am faced with another issue.

10-20 ping, cpu at 50%, nothing in the background. Game is choppy.

Screw all the updates, I just want to play the damn game. 

and getting my tribe back would also be nice.

Tribe issue:

I have like 4 accounts. 

account 1: Disguised: WAR

account 2: Demon Executioner: Demon Executioners (no leader, but basically is)

account 3: I changed the names several times when trolling and it was the leader, then I accidentally left  the tribe who knows when because I forgot it was the leader since I never used that account and "account 2: Demon Executioner" has been my main account.

account 4: just a random account I made. 

Anyway, I would probably not care too much, except that it already happened to me already.

When I left the Seal tribe I created my own called Glory, which I later left for WAR.

But it was still created by me and I just can't be bothered starting all over again.

So, can I have my tribe back please? and also something that will fix the lag.