xJoseph Coolx 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 12

When you dislike or like a topic you should explain why 

this will let more ideas flow in and out 

uhh dude almost everybody does that

why did you waste your weekly idea on this?

not really a lot of people dont even say anything

Yea,not all of them react equally as others do.I mean,as long as you don't say word on b,I'll get triggered,but if dislikes are appearing,it's no big deal if they have good proper reason for it.

I dont should do something, so I just disliked.
Oh, wait...

--dislike---I dislike this topic because you can't tell me what to do , i have my reasons to liking and/or disliking something...

But for a special treat i explained this....

good day my kind sir....

see now I know why this idea is trash 

cuz thats what the public is

( no offense to the people who have reasoning )

And that's why I never downvoted anything (except elemental shamanic claws (ifram) and political map(Rezoner1337))

The worse thing is with upvotes...

I knew you did that!

Why you think upvotes pose something bad to you?

dont you like the political map?

I wasn't behind it when it was planned, currently I keep forgetting to remove my vote xD

I wish it was more beyond just a map,it could be a whole new playable map aswell.