More graveyard bugs

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

First off i didnt check if these were already reported so sorry :)

first bug i found was that if you collect armor in prep phase it remains when the actual game starts:

another one is this missing piece of wall where you can go through:

Next is that though youre invisible the effects and particles can be seen (couldnt get screenshot, servers are empty). You can see particles from boxes that get broken, the haste potion thingy that surrounds you etc

Bump.this is really important,if shadows get out of the graveyard before they're supposed to,the haste potion is risky to use because you start running from shadows but the can see you

And that Bifur behind you.

shhh....i don't know why you guys tell the good bugs to rezoneer.....

because bugs are bugs, no matter if theyre bad or good. They have to be fixed, since they defy the purposes of certain things in the game (ex: why are the exits from the graveyard blocked if you can get out through that one spot in the corner OR why are there fort gates if you can jump in  the fort from several different locations?)

Bonus bug:

Waiting for players 8/10?! OK, let's find 2 mirage potions! *found them and uses* (Game starts in 5 seconds) There you go.

also while server is filling up POOF * server was closed because it was nearly empty