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The EAR RAPE in the graveyard mode

Celebrimbor 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 8

Im one of the few players wh keep their sound turned on. I have to say that its cool that the shadows in the graveyard mode have their own sound packs, but they are totally HORRIFIC. When running it sounds like youre scratching a blackboard with chalk, same goes for jumping, dying etc

I dont know how can this be fixed except making new ones or removing the current ones. But Rezoner please do something about this, I cant withstand it

Its not really a bug,  but I thought its the best category for it

Under review

I think I have fixed it.

the sounds have remained the same, but i got used to them so its ok

plus since we have volume slider now i can control the sound and its better than before :)

I'll check it again and tell the results

checked, running sounds like blowing in a cheap mic, jumping sounds like a squeaking pig and respawning sounds like something making love to something

I feel uncomfortable when hearing these.It should be changed to some more suitable like wendigo sounds.