frozen pond as spikes equivalent for the winter map

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated by issa04 3 years ago 13

First off, sorry for 2 ideas in a day, but this one is more like a question, thats why im putting it in that category

As you may know (or may not) issa004 plans to design a new map for the game and he asked everyone who could to help in any way.

I came up with the idea of having frozen ponds as a replacement for spikes 

The mechanics would be the same: 


If you simply walk over it its ok

If you run/jump/roll/kick/charge/special over it the ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water, instantly dying

I tried to do some pixel art for it but it turned horribly every single time, thats why im asking you to come with your versions of the pond, maybe even some animations

As issa004 suggested, im asking Brai to try to draw this idea. So Brai, if youre reading this, tell me if you can do anything :)

Thats about all, have a nice day

Yea,it could be lit.+1

If nobody wants to draw it I will not forget this idea - so i will draw it but not now

who is issa004? (I know it's issa04, but why there's one more zero in his nick?!)

Issa004 is CYA agent,obviously,forum is doomed now.Though that name is great because it means on croatian "Vis" from latin "Issa",one of our famous islands in Dalmatia.

vis means "dream" in my language

also f*ck you caught me and my secret agent

Yea,if not,forum wouldb e taken over.Jeez,on which side you are.

not sure yet, y'know, im Celebrimbor

Nice +1 we could modify the falling into the pit animation from the older wilds

I talk with Brai and he tell me that he can draw it.

I like this idea

This is a picture drawed by Rez time ago:

Maybe can help?

That was for the top view suggestion made by Rezoner to help make space.

But it can be the drowned player.