The Graveyard mode is quite buggy

Celebrimbor 3 years ago 0

Ive seen many bugs that have been reported already, but since almost nobody (except me) plays with sound I think im the first one to notice this:

When the server is very crowded and starts getting buggy the sounds sometimes wont overlay

This means that if I taunt with my majestic Brai voice while someone dies (no i dont bue after killing people, thats toxic) then the death sound will occur first and my taunt will sound next. This is a bit frustrating since the audio-video coordination is down and you sort of get confused of whats happening.

Also I wanted to thank Rezoner for replacing the high pitched voice that said "Double kill","Triple kill","Quad kill" and "Monster kill" with a nice new voice that sounds brutal. Though it isnt the same that was before its still very cool. Thanks, developer, we love you <3