i like update

Etheric Form 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

most of it is pretty good except for the bouncing mechanic. i will say this though: we have to disable the mini map in Zombie mode since it is O.P. also, i think that zombies should be able to see through walls as well humans since that is just blatant O.P. there is no place to hide with these mechanics in place. i would like it if you were only able to see humans as a zombie if you look directly or a range, the same applies for humans as well.

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in order to see someone, they must be in the cone of sight.

If you disabled the mini map, games would be significantly longer. The cone of sight is a great idea though. Personally, I don't like how people just disappear, but there's nothing to do to fix that (except fade out and that would probably lag the game(?) And its unnecessary anyways).

You would have to pick one or the other, or games would be SUPER long

Not if you make health orbs and health potions RARE.

I think humans should always be able to see shadows to balance it up a bit. Humans are already at a significant disadvantage with them spawning with low health and with the huge amount of shadows chasing them.