Lance Fighting Mode

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 38

I think that there should be a lance fighting game mode, like the olden days. Each player gets a horse and must have a spear to compete. (Ranked). Here are some attributes it could have.


I think that the horses should run 50% more than the players. You cannot jump off your horse, or you will lose. Horses cannot be killed in this game mode. Horses can also be bought in the shop if you want, Idk. You choose.


Lances are literally the spears you use. On the horse, you can throw the lance (as special) with more force than jabbing or F would do. You obtain it again in 8 seconds.

Actual Mode

This is how it works.

The goal is to knock your opponent off the horse. You can do this with a series of moves, such as jab+jab+throw, or you could just take your opponent out normally. I'm not sure about this, but maybe after 5 hits shields break, then you obtain it after 10 seconds. If someone shields at a throw from a lance, the shield-bearer will get stunned as if he hit a shield with a weapon. This is why dodging is critical, and also why horses can move so fast. (You can also dash with horse).

It's fine if you don't like it, or some attributes of it, but this was just on my mind.

Seems nice,but it'd take some time to implement this.Though idea seems good to me,but wouldn't this be more like medieval event and not quite suitable for old ages and barbarian times.The horses seem the best for now.+1.

Thanks. I forgot we were barbarians xD

We are warriors,soldiers in other way,or in my case if you were solo in old days,vigilants.


Huh. Funny you bring that up. Your Tribe?

And I have been playing since August. Pretty long.



I have been playing since begining.Im getting older.

August is pretty close to beginning.

No,my tribe isn t like that.

barbarian theme is not that mandatory since we got a crusader helmet which is, well, from the crusades in the medieval times, also we will get a hand gun soon, like a primitive musket or hand cannon.

The idea itself is quite good though it needs some thinking on mechanics, because your gamemode is special, different from others. +1

+1. Maybe have an opened-up map where players can have lots of distance but begin closing in the map over time, forcing the players to fight and not run for too long. If aimed right, perhaps the horses can also take damage. If the horse is killed, the lancer will be slow and left open, easy to kill. Though not for long, as the horses could respawn after only 5 seconds, as it is essential to the mode. I have other ideas flowing but can't get them all out. Good luck getting this mode in-game!

Thanks Vrat. Yes, like a knight would, it would be easier for the horse person. Do you think horses can be bought in the shop?

Maybe, it would be cool to have a golden-plate horse, maybe even a poison-tipped lance too?

Well... I suppose... But lance-fighting goes back ages and no one has any perks in the real arena. This mode can only have spear, and no other weapons, and the horses don't get randomized.

Or... You can pick a type of horse with statistics, and all of the other types are relatively same.


Bumping because I actually want this to be a thing.


Just don t say bump for fck sake,we can notice you know.And I want horses to.

Yea,its obvious.Saving stamina while moving swiftly.Its more than enough to implement it.

Seal youre the only person I know that gets triggered by the word "bump"

God f*cking dammit.You know,when you "bump"*gag reflex*,you don't have to say that word.I mean,anyone can notice when someone bumps *gag reflex*

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Oh don't you worry about me,I'm perfectly calm and collected.

Nice ive always wanted an animal you can ride in this game :) +1

And also too much Gamemodes is not so good, unless you get rid of other ones too, remember the amount of people that play this game affects too :|

Well, I think gamemodes are good for now.

I think more people are liking this for the horses...

And those kings running away on HORSES...

I never said it had to be bought in the shop!

Thought about this idea and maybe we dont need a full gamemode based on riding horses and fighting with lances. But we indeed would love having horses and horse riding implemented. The control mechanics have to be changed though.

OHH i like the idea!

But imagine in Fort mode the king gets a horse....

That would be great !

i think all the players should have the same opportunities, nobody should have privileges despite their rank position

No, that shouldn't happen. I agree with... um... the name above.

However, it can be possible to buy a horse for 20,000 coins...

Pft,no big deal.Also there could different types like really fast one with lower stamina and a bit slower one with bigger stamina,so players can have different varieties depending on their priorities.