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I come from my friend in the game, he wants a coach icon in his name, and I can not find enough sources to help him put it.
To the best of my knowledge, Rezoner can paste these icons, I do not know if that's enough, but his nickname is GD Fax. He did not have an account here in echo
If you need more information about this, ask in the comments that I will respond


i thought u stopped playing

Got an account, phoenix? How cool


7 months ago...


you know how to get a coach icon?

TRAIN people do that get the icon , work not asking

Tell your friend to go here https://discordapp.com/channels/296815251054133248/297099229778673664 and sign up for being a trainer in order to get the badge

Of course if he know how to train people :^)

LMB is for standard attack. Where's that badge?!!! RAGE

Oh wow,rly.Why would you have badge for that anyway?

he not only knows but also trains

Tomorow i will check training logs and if he have minimum 5 training sessions, about 30+ min each, he can get first tier trainer badge.