Female Voices Appearing Suddenly

OnderaZ 3 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 3 years ago 14

I was playing when out of nowhere a female voice comes from beyond, she whistled and said "stop." Soon after I heard another voice, this time she screamed a word I did not understand. I talked to my friend and he said that it was happening to him too. The strange thing is that the sentences are not finished, they suddenly end, but it is possible to perceive what she is talking aboutIt certainly is a bug, and it sure is giving me good scares.

Dunno,never seen a bug that weird,or maybe someone's screwing up with you,but on other hand,it's very unlikely to preform that specific sound by random player or bot.Still freaky.


dude thats part of the female character animations 

so yeah

there is no stop emote or whistling 

or hacking

send a vid of it happening

Hacking would explain a lot.And yea,did you record it?

no, I did not record it, but for some reason today they stopped bothering me.
I can also say with certainty that they were not female characters, because most of them appeared when I was alone, with no one around

Oh,good,no more haunted or possesed players.

there is still no stop emote


hey go to store and hover over the girl see what happens

I'm not a beginner, man, I know what I heard, and I know it was nothing like the female voice of the game.

Yea,I checked it too but it was nothing compared to what OnderaZ witnessed,it's obvious even If you didn't hear the female voice from nowhere.

then we got hackers

do you know were it was coming from