Tribe bug

ifram 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 13

As almost no one knows, i have a rule in my clan; if you join and don´t read the bulletin (rules) you´ll be kicked from the tribe, the thing is, that there are players with 0 bones in my tribe, but i can´t kick them because the kick button is bugged, i can´t choose the people on the bottom (the ones with 0 bones) because the kick button appears two slots down from the player i select, also i can´t search them in the log cause the don´t have a name, i can´t provide a screenshot.

Did you try to reload the page?

Pretty weird, since we have in SEALS two inactive members, but they are at top, not at bottom of the list.

I notuced that and it still remains same,as I've seen correctly.

Cause mine have 0 bones...

That's very unlikely,since the few people will randomly find in your tribe who contribute the most to clan growth.

Nope, they still have less than 10 bones...

Well,it'll get better eventually.

Nope, i had them for two weeks with 0 bones...

It takes time man.It doesn't happen in snap of a finger.

Mine cannot 1.kick players with 0 bones at the bottom of the list

                   2.find my tribe, which is set as public, in the public tribes section

please help me and my tribe, it is called BEATER with the tag BTR

BEATER tribe kicking out boneless ppl.Pretty convinient,huh?