Things to fix

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 7 months ago • updated by Seal 7 months ago 3

In this idea I will say some things to the community on request.


Many people on request that when you die you can equip yourself with another weapon. In my poinion would be fine since sometimes you just go out to change weapons and put you on another server. I think that it is possible to put the tent on dying so choose your equipment when you die.


At the edges of the castle apart from running you go slower the projectiles go with lag i sometimes the arrows ninca come to give although allas given to the enemy.


The lag is a common enemy of the players many people complain of lag. I think for the lag you could put an option to lower the quality of the image to be able to go faster. That is to say that you get the fps to go faster.


The spear is requested many times be updated I think that Rezoner and you are working on it but in case you are not going to act it or you will on another occasion I would like to know when I would be more or less.


This idea did not order the community almost no time but I personally wish there were more colors. Currently the Brown Gray And Black. I would like the white to be green and some more the different colors that are in solitary.


The level in the guns asked several times if I am not mistaken. By killing so many people, you can personalize your weapon that does not have more damage simply the appearance.

There are more things to request the community but if I put them this will become a very heavy idea. In another occasion I will put other things. Rezoner if there are some things you can not fix you could put it in the comments but you do not have to.

Wow,the details.I agree with the weapon change ingame which would be great.The quality change for better game run would be awesome,especialy for shitty computers like mine for instance.Also sucks the slower movement on fort which should be normal.Spear needs huge buff,that's true.It'd be cool to have more teams,though not to much which would eventually lead to chaos.What is also nice to add,that's skins.I got my idea for skins now(credit to ya').Collossal thumbs up.

I think it's servers fault, because it wasn't supposed to happen earlier and it's only for a moment and it's normal after it.

Yea,it's not a big deal,it's fine now,though it took a bit longer for me to fix back again.