Reporting this bad boy

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 19

Mr Fucking(Faggot) and I have been fighting each other for a while. Suddenly he stops and drops this:

Toxic level over 9000


If someone calls you a noob,you shouldn't go on the forum and ask for a ban

This is unaceptable.I don't know that baby d*ck,I didn't see him.Maybe he has some life problems,something in head in general.He must be in puberty,raging hormones which he can't control.He needs to get over with sooner or later.+1 and thanks for info.


Unacceptable huh? Raging hormones?and something in the head. LOL you should be careful how you describe yourself

This was the case when they insulted me and I responded back the same measure.In this topic,dude just insulted me for no actual reason.I was just fighting back.I dunno why you consider me a bad guy?

Yea, valid point.. I guess it's normal to insult someone back.. It's also really hard to not to consider you a bad guy when I look at your profile pic. 

You don't get it,do ya'?He/she insulted me in worse way and mocked me,so I insulted him/her,but neither as terrible as he/she did.

You don't have to be savage by mocking my profile pic btw.I get it that you don't agree with my profile pic,not all agree with anything,but you don't have to be rude unless you are that immature+you'll consider me immature just cuz' I responded and fought back since he/she started first.Are you that low?I can certainly stop rude comments unless provoked like I was back then.Pull it together,man.If you can't,I really don't know what's your problem,How old are you really to be that awkward and insulting through these comments of yours?

I'm sorry but are you retarded?, I just said its a valid point, meaning I agree with you. IT IS OK TO INSULT SOMEONE BACK WHEN THEY INSULT YOU!. yes it's ok! 

I wrote it in caps so you understand. Although I hate your profile picture I don't have anything against you.

Ok,ok chill dude.I may sound retarded to you,but that's cuz' of my medicine for echerichia in my right kidney and they say it may cause me to be drowsy a bit,so don't judge me.I don't have anything against ya' either.So...we cool?

If dude really can't stop being an absolute dick for a longer time,then you can take better mesaures.I appreciate help but this isn't really anything major,I mean he insulted me and so,but that one insult isn't enough to get reported abd banned.


Mate the community out there is pretty toxic. This isn't anything new. It seems like pretty much every time I hop in to a Forts match there's at least one snowflake determined to flame everyone on the server.

Someone ban this dude cuz' of graphic content.Rip seal is nothing but imposter.

tbh the community is 50% idiots
10% complete meanies (they dum dum stoopid heads)
30% new people who cant do shit and dont talk
and the last 10% is the oldfags

I guess I'm the meanie. 

Many people will say that you are way better at 50% group, Disguised. And they belong to this group too.

If you think the community is bad, why are you here then?

He insult SEALS because he is fucking faggot, isn't that logic?

That's obviously true,and his matchmaking proves it.

You have just to ignore that people not ask to ban them.